Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh Roxy Complete Resto Motor and Front End Rebuild, Update #1

A lot of work has been done to Roxy, our current '68 Volkswagen Beetle complete restoration. We want to bring everyone in on what has been done so far and show how the work is coming along.

First off, we started with the heart and soul of this beetle, completely rebuilding its engine. Above you can see the motor's new pistons and cylinders.

Other work on the motor included a rebuilt Small Stull Case with Case Savers, rebuilt rods, a fresh turned German Crank, and OEM, Rebuilt Single Port Heads, a new Oil Pump, and OEM Stock Flywheel, a new Deep Oil Sump, new exhaust, a new Solex Carb, a rebuilt rocker assembly, a new Fuel Pump, and all new bearings and seals. After completion Roxy's motor fired up on its first start up, which can be seen on our Video page.

Pictured to the left is the fresh turned crank, short block and long blocking.

Next we turned our attention to building a new front beam for the bug. It has a brand new front beam (center section) with original German spring plates inside, all new bearings in the axle tubes, original German arms with new upper and lower ball joints installed, original German reconditioned spindles and all brand new seals. The whole assembly was sand blasted, epoxy primed and painted chassis black.

Having finished the front beam, we began our tear down process of disassembling Roxy. The cargo/package tray area is in perfect condition except for slight surface rust. In the pictures, you will notice the brown color. On first inspection we believed this to be only insulation that is stuck due to the glue that was used to secure the carpet; however, after cleaning we found surface rust. The metal has subsequently been chemically treated to kill the minimal amount of rust that was present.

As needed, we will have to replace the entire floor pan on the driver side and also the rear half floor pan on the passenger side. In the picture, we left the battery so that you can see where the rust actually extends to. Our next step will be to remove the old floor pans and prepare to install the new ones.

Now that the driver side floor pan has been removed we are ready to install the new pan. Upon removing the factory tar board from the passenger side front, we found more rust than expected. Roxy will now be receiving two new floor pans. Fortunately, the heater channels and center channel (backbone) are rust free. After installing the pans, her foundation will be 100% solid.

Look back for updates regarding the Roxy Restoration!


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