Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh Roxy Body Work, Primer and Blocking, Update #4

The last few months around the shop have been very busy. Work in the last few weeks on Oh' Roxy has included body working, rust removal, body realignment, and prepping for paint. Lately, We have been busy with blocking and priming the car.

Recent work on the car has included the rear passenger quarter panel which had been damaged in an accident and previously repaired by someone else. In addition, the door, the rear quarter and the interior structure had to be realigned and body worked.

We had perfect weather for priming on Saturday. The outer shell, hood and doors of Roxy are now in primer. Today he is blocking everything out and trying to find all imperfections and fix them before priming again.

Henry blocked and re-primed Roxy's body and doors before the moisture set in this morning. All primer has been epoxy primer. I've attached a few more pictures, but I'm not sure you can tell much difference in them.